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Auto Repair Tips & First Aid Kit



Depending on what the problem is, will outline how you should approach the repairing your car. The first and main consideration to make when repairing your car is, "is it worth repairing?".

How serious is the problem with your car? The general rule with car problems is that it's only going to get worse the more you drive with it. The symptoms of any problem may come and go, but that's only hiding the real issue that may take other parts with it when it finally dopes fail. The best solution is to get the problem diagnosed as soon as possible.

How to diagnose a problem with your car? This question may be an impossible issue to help you with. However we can give you a few general tips when diagnosing a car problem. Firstly if it's a simple problem such as a flat tire, you may as well go straight to choosing a garage for the work to be done.

Other car problems need a lot more research to find a solution. A good way to get free car repair advice is to search on the internet for car owners clubs that match your make and model of vehicle. Many cars have certain faults which are common to that vehicle. So the best people to ask, are people that own those cars and take great pride in collecting them. Most cars have owner clubs set up on the internet, and most have members who will be only to pleased to help you.

Finally you can take it to a garage, but this requires great trust in garages and mechanics that you may never have met or heard. So ask around about the reputation of garages and how they deal with customers before using them.

Auto Repair Tips

These tips may help you avoid problems or unnecessary expense:

- Do not try to diagnose the problem unless you are qualified.

- When looking for a repair shop, ask your friends or coworkers for recommendations.

- Shop around before agreeing to expensive repairs.

- Before you have a vehicle repaired, get a written estimate for repairing the vehicle, including teardown and reassembly.

- If a repair shop suggests repairs that you question, ask for a written reason why the repairs are needed.

- Ask the repair shop if it guarantees its work (labor, parts or both). If so, all terms of the guarantee must be in writing.

- If you are asked to sign a document, take a copy of it for your records.

- Never sign a blank document.

- Leave a telephone number where you can be reached.

- Be sure to ask the repair facility to explain to you what the differences may be if compared to Original Equipment parts.

- Inspect and receive replaced parts.

First Aid Kit

If you put your own emergency car kit together, make sure none of the items are in glass bottles or vials – put them in plastic containers with tight lids, instead.

Your first aid kit should include:

- Adhesive tape 

- Sterilized gauze bandage

- Sterilized gauze pads

- Plastic band strips

- Disinfectant salve, Mercurochrome, Merthiolate, or iodine

- Small scissors 

- Aspirin or other pain relievers

- Tweezers

- Something to relieve itching, burning eyes

- Hand sanitizer

Vehicle Tool Kit:
A good vehicle tool kit includes :

- Screwdrivers – Phillips and flat head

- Pliers

- Set of good socket wrenches

- Duct tape

- Electrical wire tape

- Electrical wire spray

- Flashlight with extra batteries

- Small fire extinguisher

- Jumper cables

Make sure there's a jack and a lug wrench in the vehicle and that the spare tire is inflated to its proper pressure. See Owner's Manual for recommended tire pressure numbers.


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