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Know & Follow the Traffic Rules and save yours and other's life



Definition of Traffic safety
The wide concept of traffic safety is to carry out all plans, programs, traffic regulations and protective procedures in order to minimize or prevent traffic accidents, and to safeguard human safety and properties, and secure the national human and economic assets.

Factor of traffic safety
There are three factors for traffic safety:

1)  Vehicle

2)  Road

3)  Human Factor

First: Vehicle
Means of safety in vehicles are:

Tires: size, quality, durability, speed rate, production year and storage facilities.

Lights: clarity, color and lighting level.

Turning and warning indicators.

Reflecting mirrors, which displays the traffic for drivers.

Windshield wipers.

Service brake and parking brake, which control vehicle movement.

Door locks.

Sound and light warning indicators (on the dashboard) such as fuel, oil, temperature, speed and battery indicators.

Seat belts.


Children seats.

Air bags.

Means of safety that must be provided in vehicles are:
Spare wheels and wheel removing & installation tools.

Fire extinguisher.

First aid bag.

Rollover door locking systems.

Fireproof furniture.

Light reflecting triangle.

Realizing the vitality of vehicle Maintenance, Our government put protective procedures to secure vehicle maintenance and prevent traffic accidents due to bad maintenance or non-maintenance of vehicles. Among these procedures is the vehicle Periodic Inspection System which aims to:

Improve quality of vehicle maintenance.

Minimize traffic accidents.

Maximize vehicle's service life.

Maintain public environmental safety.

Maintain security and safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Early troubleshooting.

Second: Road
Means of safety on road
Realizing the importance of roads, the Saudi Government constructed high quality, world scale roads allover the country.

Road design and structural plans.

Road lighting.

Road traffic safety procedures such as clearing natural obstacles (dust and sand dunes).

Traffic control instruments such as traffic lights, guiding/warning, /information signs, and road cat eyes.

In order to maintain the road inside and outside the cities, truck-weighing stations were established allover the Kingdom road network.

Third: Driver (the human factor)
The driver is the most effective factor in the traffic operation. A good driver must have the following features:


Healthy senses.

Acknowledge and compliance of traffic rules and regulations.

High concentration while driving.

Sense of responsibility.

Acquaintance of vehicle mechanics and maintenance.

Means of safety for drivers :
Seat belt.


Special instruments, such as eye glasses, first aid bag and air bag.

Procedures and rules of safe driving
1) Pre-operation checks to be done by the driver:

Look around the vehicle, check tires and road condition.

Secure vehicle doors.

Adjust seat and steering wheel positions.

Fasten seat belt. Passengers also must fasten their seat belts.

Check reflecting mirrors position.

Check dashboard indicators for temperature and fuel level.

2) Start vehicle.

3) Safely drive vehicle observing traffic rules and regulations.

4) When parking, driver must:

Look at the reflecting mirror to view road traffic situation.

Activate parking indicator lights.

Gradually release accelerating pedal.

Gradually apply service brake pedal until the vehicle stops.

After complete stop, apply parking brake.

5) Traffic signs and lights:
Warning, guiding and information signs.

Posts, barriers and gates.

Ground markings such as painting, drawing and ceramic flooring.

Traffic lights.

Traffic controls in work areas such as vertical signs, funnels, directing barrels, lightened arrows, flag carriers, tube marking and barriers.

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